Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Your Lounge Room Design Says about You

Your lounge can be a very enigmatic but terribly effective barometer of “you”, spilling all the beans about your character and personality and baring your soul. Even if you may not have paid too much attention to the process of decorating and arranging your lounge room, a whole lot of subliminal, subconscious messages are emitted by the appearance of your living space.  Your guests decode and decipher these messages and make sense of them without even knowing it or indeed being aware that they are reading into your inner being. 

 Cast your mind back to your school days and if you were ever called in to the principal's office for being naughty, you will remember just how intimidating the waiting area was, with the actual principal's office coming across as even more intimidating. That is because the character of the person resonates throughout the space in which that person spends a lot of their time. People rearrange spaces in which they spend a lot of their time in such a way as to feel comfortable in them. The same applies to you and your living room lounge, where you probably spend a lot of your time, while at home, prompting you to decorate it in a way which feels comfortable to you, but also speaks volumes of your character.

Here's what your lounge room design says about you

With the availability of so many fabulous home designer products at affordable prices, your true character enjoys so many different ways through which it can be represented in your lounge room design. Since home designer products include mirrors, table lamps, accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall décor and art, there is plenty of opportunity for your personality to show up over and over again and also to express itself in great detail.



With regards to wall décor and art, the wall-paint colour is probably the most revealing of your lounge design elements. This serves as probably the biggest window into your soul, with the likelihood being that your décor units, like accent furniture and design accessories, will either follow the same general colour scheme or they will complement that colour scheme.

Blue and light-green colour themes, which may also be represented throughout your other home designer product ranges, paint a picture of someone who is very practical, pragmatic and dynamic.

Black is the colour of luxury, revealing someone who loves some elegance, with the fortunate part of this being the availability of fabulous home designer products at affordable prices. Because complete home designer product ranges include mirrors, table lamps, accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall décor and art, all of which are available in a common colour scheme, a lot more black-themed lounges are popping up to radiate the kind of elegance we all secretly love.

Bright colours such as yellow, orange and red, paint a picture of someone who is energetic, bold and not afraid to venture where the masses dare not go, especially if the same colours are chosen for some of the décor and furniture too.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Investment' Furniture will Eventually Bore You to Death

There are some timeless investment furniture pieces which can be placed in any design layout, from any era, and not only do they blend in with the décor, but they also add some character to the interiors. Those pieces are very rare however and they also have to follow a certain theme to work properly, like that popular, retro leather office chair (the one littered with sunken grooves) which looks like it belongs in a classic, luxury-design study room.

If you're already heavily stocked-up on investment furniture pieces, there are still ways through which you can freshen those pieces up though, but here's why investment furniture will eventually bore you to death:

 Investment pieces are usually very expensive and are kept for long periods of time

While you can get some fabulous home designer products at affordable prices, investment pieces are usually very costly, since one naturally ‘invests’ in these larger pieces with the aim of keeping them for life. Investment pieces may fit in with the interiorwall décor and art, as well as other design accessories, at their time of purchase and introduction into the home, but time will eventually catch up with those ageing designs and the entire balance of your interiors can get thrown off. You will eventually get bored with your investment furniture, but you are forced to stick with it because you paid so much for it, even in the wake of it gradually becoming style-outdated.

Sometimes investment furniture can be so expensive that you become rather reluctant to really enjoy it, existing as more of a decoration than actual, functional furniture.

Investment furniture can often be very prominent and dominating

Even in the event that you do eventually get bored with your investment pieces, due to those large and more prominent pieces lagging behind the emerging evolutionary design trends, there's not much you can physically do to the furniture itself because of the sheer size and prominence. Remember that often, home designer product ranges include mirrors and other matching design accessories like chandeliers, so redecorating every now and then may not be very practical, as unfair as that may be since design trends to tend to evolve quite rapidly.

Beating the Inevitable Bore

While investment furniture will eventually bore you to death, there is no escaping some of the more traditional investment furniture pieces, like the old dining room table, the living room sofa and perhaps some armchairs and a patio set. Fortunately though, with the availability of fabulous designer home products at affordable prices, accent furniture pieces and design accessories can be deployed to accentuate the investment furniture and act as a constant source of refreshment for what can become a very redundant look.

Accent furniture pieces offer a very wide variety of styling trends, with the likes of table lamps and other design accessories very easily updating the look and feel induced by the larger, more permanent investment furniture pieces. In this way, that inevitable investment furniture bore can be hedged against and you never have to surrender to it.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uttermost Australia Testimonial from Santo Sulfaro

"At Sulfaro Furniture, we are a passionate husband and wife team and invest a lot of time in our showroom to ensure every experience for our customer is perfect.

We have recently traveled overseas to trade shows and have seen fabulous furniture and accessory pieces that we liked, but were just too expensive to bring back to Australia for our customers.

Then, at the recent DesignX we actually stumbled across the Uttermost stand and we just loved it!!   We ordered then and there and it was a great success. The Uttermost team have been exceptional to deal with from the very beginning.

We have since ordered more and our showroom looks totally amazing also complementing our own bespoke furniture!  We are getting a great reaction from our clients, we love the furniture, chandeliers and accessories and I know our clients will as well because we know what they are looking for".   -Santo Sulfaro

We are so delighted to share with you this testimonial from one of the most loved furniture range here in Australia. Thank you so much for expressing you appreciation, we are humbled by this and inspired to continue serving our clients.  You can also visit their website at!

You can view Uttermost Australia tradeshow at DesignX here:


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Simple Tricks to Update the Design of Your Lounge Room

The trendy design of your lounge room may have followed all of the modern design standards at the time you decorated it, but the effects of time will inevitably catch up to all current trends, prompting the need for you to refresh and update your lounge design at some point.

Design trend evolution will eventually mean the interior décor in your lounge room is outdated, to the point where you cannot even pass it off as a classic look anymore, but there are a few easy steps you can take to update the design of your lounge room, when the need arises.

1. Buy with Vision

This is probably much easier said than done, but prevention is always better than cure. If you are right in the middle of decorating your interior living room space, you will be familiar with the fact that home designer product ranges include mirrors, table lamps, accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall art and décor, which means that there is a lot to consider in an attempt to buy with a vision of the future.

Buying with a vision means that you should acquire décor units that can very easily fit in with different themes and design styles, like table lamps that will allow you to change lamp shades for example, leaving ample leeway for a quick color-scheme upgrade to resemble more modern and trendy looks, as they emerge.

2. Modernize the Existing Décor with a Progressive, Complementary Theme

It's rather amazing what complementary styling can do to your ageing lounge room design. Those dominant design styles, which are getting on in the years, are actually quite easy to overpower and neutralize, with the simple use of fabulous home designer products available at affordable prices. Since home designer product ranges include mirrors, table lamps, accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall décor and art, one modern and progressive color scheme represented throughout all those décor units can work wonders to modernize and lift the entire lounge room space.

3. Re-arranging Furniture and Décor Units

The rate at which design trends change may be relatively high, but in design terms it is not to the extent that you have to re-do your lounge room every two years or so. Some accent furniture pieces, here and there, could go well with the re-arrangement of the layout plan, giving your existing furniture and décor an instant fresh and progressive look.

4. Add Some Wall Décor and Art

Nothing updates a lounge room quite like modern wall décor and art, with abstract and simple art pieces going well with clean, print-art type of wall décor.

5. Create the Illusion of Expansion

Actual renovation and expansion of your lounge room would very likely prove to be costly, so the next best thing, which can be just as effective, is to create the illusion of added space by including design accessories such as large mirrors and other reflective home designer products. Complement that with a lounge room arrangement that pours more natural light into the room and you instantly create the kind of functionality characteristic of modern interior spaces.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to get the 'Revenge' Look... just as in the TV show

Grayson Manor has endeared itself to the hearts of many people, for a number of reasons, one being the luxurious, classy and homely interior décor of the house. It is no surprise then as to why so many people may want the 'Revenge' look for their own homes, whether to replicate the resemblance of the leading character's strength or simply because they have fallen hopelessly in love with the interior décor and what it accentuates.

The actual process of working towards achieving this look for your own space may appear to be somewhat of a daunting prospect, since you might not exactly have the TV-production company budget those 'Revenge' interior designers clearly had.

With the right knowledge and access to fabulous designer pieces  at affordable prices, you can very easily achieve the Revenge look without breaking the bank. First we need to define this look in real world design terms, so that you know how to go about hunting the appropriate décor units to achieve the look.
If you take a look at Grayson Manor, the interior essentially mirrors the grandiose appearance of the exterior, giving  a feeling of a perfect balance between abundance of space and coziness at the same time. While your particular interior space may not be characterized by high ceilings, long hallways and lots of space, you can still create that illusion of space very effectively, using the right selection of fabulous home designer pieces  at affordable prices.

Because complete home designer product ranges include mirrors, table lamps, accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall décor and art, achieving the 'Revenge' look is simply a matter of knowing which pieces go well with which spaces and how those pieces complement each other.

Color Schemes

Starting off with the colors, the design accessories, which include pieces such as accent furniture, table lamps, wall décor and art, should follow a "warm" color scheme, giving off the illusion of illumination when it gets darker and the lights have to come on. That peach/very light-orange color, complementing some very natural browns, always gives off that feeling of luxury, while maintaining that family coziness everybody is always after.


This is probably the trickiest part of trying to achieve that luxurious yet cozy and powerful 'Revenge' look, but the trick is to create the illusion of luxury through abundance, while avoiding congestion. You want your spaces to look like they are very "well-fed", but not overfed…

This is achieved through the positive reinforcement of home designer products, like matching table lamps, everywhere where there is space for them. Mirrors must be placed in strategic places to create the illusion of more space (along entrances to hallways and some rooms) while accent furniture pieces, design accessories, wall décor and art should be strategically positioned such that some reflective surfaces "multiply" them.

Lastly, the most important part of the arrangement setting is to allow for adequate living space, taking extra care to keep all the furniture and design accessories clear of natural light-inlet points, like windows and doorways.

In Australia you can get the “Revenge look” by using fabulous design pieces from the exclusive Australian distributor Uttermost Australia.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Designer's Tips: Lighting

Can you add too much light to a room?

Yes you can. When designing with light you must consider all light sources, including natural light. You must also take into account day and evening options.

If you over light a room, the effect will be harsh and uncomfortable especially at nighttime. If you have layered your lighting correctly you need not rely on your decorative pieces for light – lamps with dark or black shades, or chandeliers with dimmer switches are among the lighting options that can be added for fashion without over lighting your room.

In location of lighting, are there other do’s and don’ts?

One of the most important considerations in the placement of light fixtures is the glare they produce. Direct glare – as from a bare light bulb – is the worst kind. Always use the correct bulbs to avoid glare and also beware of reflected glare, light that bounces off of other objects into the eyes.

My room seems too big/small…. how can lighting help?

The direction in which you point the light can be very helpful. Ceilings can pose problems, or they can become special features. If the ceilings seem too low, bounce light from up-light fixtures (like torchieres) as this can visually “raise” the ceilings. Cathedral or beamed ceilings can also he highlighted and take on new importance in the overall design of a room with up lighting. Two common problems in older homes are rough or patchy surfaces., and high, cavernous ceilings. To alleviate lighting issues, keep the lighting off the ceiling by using only down lighting (like chandeliers or semi-flush mounts). Imperfections in a surface will be less noticeable without direct light shining on them.

Room dimensions can “appear” to be altered with the proper lighting. Smaller rooms can look more expansive and large rooms can be warmed with the correct lighting fixtures. Washing the four walls of a room with soft light, combined with a light toned paint can create the effect of a larger room. Conversely, a large room illuminated with a few soft pools of light concentrated on certain objects or areas can make a room feel smaller and more intimate.

What about a narrow room or hallway?

Narrow rooms can benefit by placing lighting on the short walls of the room rather than drawing attention to the long narrow walls. This results in a wider looking space. In narrow hallways choose sconces that project light both up and down the walls and that light both sides of a hallway.

I have a lot of beautiful features in my home, like stonework and silk window dressings. How can I show them off with lighting?

Skimming them with light will highlight textured surfaces, whether it be a soft surface like fabric or a hard masonry surface. Acute angle placement near these surfaces will help achieve this effect.

How can I use lighting to show off the beautiful decorative objects in my home?

Backlighting decorative objects can help accent them. Bouncing light indirectly onto an object can also achieve a pleasant effect. Lighting something from below works particularly well on transparent or translucent items such as glass.

Any tips for my Entryway?

Entries should not be overly lit. The transition from outdoors to indoor can be disorienting. Remember to avoid glare in this area. This is best done with multiple light sources. Make the entry warm and inviting. Lighting is very important here, as it is the point where the first impression is made.